The General Objective

The general objective of the Programme RO04 – Reduction of hazardous substances is „preventing damage and side effects on the environment caused by chemicals and hazardous substances”, while its specific objectives are to „strengthen the capacity of public entities responsible for implementing and enforcing EU strategies and legislations on chemicals and hazardous waste” and to „improve the monitoring of hazardous substances in the environment”.

The EnviroAMR project will raise awareness on the fact that antibiotics and antimicrobial resistant microorganisms are considered novel classes of pollutants in the environment with major consequences on the health of humans, animals and plants. The EU Parliament and the WHO have both recently recognized that due to misuse, overuse or impropal disposal, the level of antibiotics and resistant miroorganisms that enter the environment is increasing. All parties agree that a sustained effort is needed towards implementing state-of-the-art methods that will lead to a better monitorization of antibiotic residues and resistance and towards continuous improvement of methods for mitigation of these pollutants in surface waters, groundwater and in the environments directly linked to the water health and safety.

The EnviroAMR project will propose a methodological guide for a standardized monitorization of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance in the environment through a chemical and biological (phenotypic, genotypic, metagenomic) approach together with techniques of antibiotic and resistance mitigation in wastewaters. Such guide is missing in Romania and, from our knowledge, in the EU. By its use in future studies it will help compare data from different target locations so that comprehensive strategies for reduction of these hazardous substances in the environment can be proposed. The project will also provide hands-on trainings for several methods proposed with representatives from stakeholders.

The beneficiaries of the EnviroAMR project are public entities and stakeholders directly involved in implementing strategies for a clean and healthy environment. By implementing this project, the Project Promoter together with its parteners will form a group with solid knowledge in environmental studies of pollution with antibiotics and antibiotic resistant microorganisms. Their expertise will be used either by transfer to stakeholders or through collaboration in future projects aimed at providing a better environment for us all. The monitorization scheme proposed will benefit the entire human population and animal husbandry because will contribute to clean and safe surface waters and groundwater that are of great importance to society.

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